Employee Attitude Surveys

Infosurv designs and implements employee attitude surveys for companies who wish to:

  • Measure employee satisfaction levels
  • Track changes in employee satisfaction over time
  • Improve overall satisfaction and retention
  • Get actionable feedback at an affordable price

Employee Attitude Surveys Retain Employees And Customers

Numerous research studies have shown that satisfied employees not only stay at their jobs longer, they also lead to happier, more loyal customers. But what makes an employee satisfied?

Employee attitude surveys are inexpensive tools that can give you superb insight into employee motivation, performance and overall satisfaction. One short-term benefit of employee attitude surveys is that they show your employees that you care about their opinions. Long-term benefits can include improved morale, increased customer retention and more profits.

Employee Attitude Surveys Pinpoint The Problems

While there are many factors that can affect employee satisfaction, an attitude survey can pinpoint the main concerns of your employees. Once you understand how your employees think and feel, you can begin to revise policies and procedures to better meet their needs. You’ll greatly improve employee retention and motivate your employees to produce higher quality work.

A few of the main factors that affect employee satisfaction are:

  • Job security
  • Communication between employees & management
  • Lack of training
  • Compensation
  • Job burnout
  • Ill-defined tasks
  • Poor working conditions
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of advancement opportunities
  • Feeling unappreciated

Employee attitude surveys measure your employee’s opinions on all aspects of the workplace environment including:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Management/employee relations
  • Corporate culture
  • Career development
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Working conditions
  • Training
  • Staffing levels
  • Safety concerns
  • Policies and procedures

Whether you need an employee attitude survey designed from scratch, or have an existing survey that needs to be administered, Infosurv takes extraordinary measures to ensure validity, reliability and bias reduction. Our goal is to help you compose a highly relevant survey instrument that will yield sound and valid conclusions while achieving the maximum survey response rate possible.