Member Surveys

Member surveys identify ways your organization can better serve the needs of your associates and advocates. Member surveys are essential for helping organization leaders understand the expectations and concerns of its members by giving them insight into factors affecting membership retention and growth. Infosurv designs, administers and analyzes member surveys for all types of associations, clubs, organizations and non-profits.

Member Surveys : Design

Infosurv begins by designing a customized member survey for your organization, or taking your existing survey and preparing it to be administered via as a telephone , fax, paper, or Internet survey. Infosurv offers questionnaire design consultation services standard to all clients, and reviews all member surveys to assure validity, reliability, and bias reduction.

Applying our years of member research experience and expertise, Infosurv can help compose a highly relevant survey instrument that will yield sound and valid conclusions while achieving the maximum survey response rate possible.

As an optional service, one of our marketing research consultants can work interactively with the client to create a member survey questionnaire “from scratch” tailored specifically to their information needs and strategic objectives. Alternatively, we can begin with one of our professionally-designed member survey templates and then work interactively with the client to customize the survey to their specific needs.

Our in-house research shows that member attitudes are a better predictor of future member behavior than past behavior. Our member surveys are specifically designed to accurately measure attitudes that affect real metrics, like member retention rates and turnover.

Infosurv utilizes rigorous research methodologies to assure the reliability and effectiveness of all of our member surveys. Various technically advanced features can be built into our online surveys to assure a smoother operation and more complete survey results, including page-level branching logic to assure respondents are shown only relevant items, response verification to assure all required questions are completed, and a save-and-resume feature to allow users to save and later resume a partially completed survey.

For more detail regarding member surveys and other unique survey design services and technical features that we offer, please request a free copy of our brochure.

Member Surveys : Administration

Once the member survey design phase is complete, Infosurv will consult with you to determine the best security level, incentives, deadlines, and respondent notification method for your particular project. We will help you with every decision along the way, applying our experience and expertise to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

We have developed propriety methods to protect the security of your member surveys while still maintaining respondent anonymity when required. Using our unique Personal Access Code (PAC) system, we can virtually guarantee against duplicate or unauthorized responses, while maintaining 100% respondent anonymity when necessary.

Using our unique method, clients are protected against duplicate or unauthorized survey responses. Meanwhile, Infosurv protects member anonymity by stripping response data of all identifying information, including Personal Access Codes, before passing along survey results to the client.

Over the years, we’ve identified various techniques to maximize survey response rates and effectiveness. Our proprietary survey methodology includes an introductory memo from the client CEO, carefully worded survey invitations, incentives, timed reminders, and touch-point management to avoid “over surveying.”

For online member surveys, we send a personalized email invitation to each member with simple directions how to access and complete the survey. Embedded in each survey link may be respondents’ unique Personal Access Code (PAC) and/or demographic data. This means that when the respondent clicks on their link to access the survey, we can automatically identify them, validate their responses, and even assign them to a specific demographic subgroup for analysis.

Infosurv offers a number of unique services designed to help our clients achieve the maximum survey response rate possible, including personalized email reminders to uncompleted respondents.

Clients can track the results of their survey in real-time throughout the survey administration period. Our secure real-time, 24/7 reports menu allows clients to login via a secure link and view their current survey response rate, review preliminary results, and even download an updated raw data file.

For more detail regarding these and other unique survey administration services and technical features that we offer, please request a free copy of our brochure.

Member Surveys : Analysis

The data acquired from member surveys is useless without insightful analysis. Our in-house data analysis staff and senior marketing research consultants are trained to turn your raw survey responses into meaningful and actionable conclusions. We carry a range of survey analysis packages to match every need and budget.

Our standard computer-generated analysis reports are designed to provide a variety of statistical, graphical and verbatim results summaries. All of our reports can be “cut” by respondent subgroups or time periods.

For clients requiring a more robust analysis solution, we offer the professionally-designed, customized Infosurv Insights Report. This report includes a number of proprietary analysis features as outlined in our brochure. Infosurv can provide survey benchmarking against normative data for an additional fee. We also offer a variety of custom analysis solutions including banner reports, custom Excel spreadsheet reports, etc.

Custom Analysis Solutions

In addition to the options outlined above, we offer a variety of custom analysis solutions including banner reports, custom Excel spreadsheet reports, significance testing, manual coding of qualitative responses, and other special requests.

For more detail regarding member surveys and the various analysis packages that we offer, please request a free copy of our brochure.