2008 Research Trends Report

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Infosurv is excited to announce the results of our first annual Research Trends survey. The study was conduct in early Spring 2008 and is designed to serve as a “snapshot” of the client-side research industry. While numerous studies of research suppliers are conducted each year, we believe that this study is the first of its kind.

This executive summary will provide you with three key insights from the study and highlight specific areas of concern for research buyers. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 888.262.3186 or contact us.

You Will Learn :

  • What types of survey research investments are most prevalent
  • How companies are using Outsourced vs. In-House solutions
  • The three most important factors in driving reserach client satisfaction


In making daily business decisions, it is often important to benchmark against other companies to determine best practices as well as set new standards. Understanding user trends related to key aspects of product and service delivery is an important step in determining whether current resource allocations are steering your company toward a prosperous future. This inaugural report identifies what types of marketing research investments are most prevalent, how companies are conducting this research, as well as important factors in driving satisfaction with current marketing research efforts.

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Christian Wright

Christian Wright is the VP of Client Services at Infosurv. With a master’s in marketing research, he’s equipped to design actionable research that yields impactful insights and drives change.
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