Your Engaged Employees Hold the Keys to Business Success [eBook Download]

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employee engagement ebookEmployee Engagement measures employees’ commitment to your organization’s goals and values, their motivation to contribute to its success, and their perceived ability to also enhance their own career goals and sense of well-being. Research has shown that Employee Engagement is a critical metric with high correlations to business success and profitability.

There are many reasons for not measuring Employee Engagement, or for being frustrated with currently-used metrics:

  • Some organizations are afraid of receiving negative feedback or they don’t believe that it is an important investment in their businesses.
  • Some organizations measure Employee Satisfaction only, which is actually an outcome of engagement, and has a much weaker correlation to business success.
  • Some organizations don’t apply their Employee Engagement results to improve their businesses.

But, without exception, organizations that evaluate, communicate, and implement Employee Engagement measures experience greater success and growth.

Over the past year, Infosurv has published a number of blogs on the topic of Employee Engagement.  Now we have compiled the lessons learned from over 15 years of conducting Employee Engagement surveys for clients across industries into an eBook, “Why Measure Employee Engagement”.

Download our Employee Engagement eBook using the following link:

Download the PDF

Please feel free to share this eBook with your friends and associates.  If you would like to know more about Infosurv’s approach to Employee Engagement measurement and how to implement a program in your organization,  contact us here or call one of our sales associates at 1-888-262-3186.


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Kyle Burnam

Kyle Burnam is the CEO of Infosurv and the leader of its sister company, Intengo, where he oversees all client research and R&D projects. Having been in the industry since 2005, Kyle brings a wealth of experience to the table and an innovative eye to every project.