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Infosurv has developed a tried-and-tested set of employee engagement metrics that work for any business. We will use your employee list, and send out a link to an online survey. Once we have the data, we send you a comprehensive report that details your Employee Engagement status. You can even conduct the survey periodically to track your progress.

Additionally, Infosurv will provide an annual Employee Engagement Benchmark Report so that you can compare your results to other companies.


  • Timely

    A Employee CheckUp study runs every month, so you can get started fast. Once the data is collected, you get the results back in less than two weeks.

  • Private and Secure

    We guarantee your survey and individual information is completely private and secure.

  • Insightful

    Compare your results to other companies and track your own results to make sure your Employee Engagement initiatives are working.

  • Easy

    You don’t have to be a survey research expert. Just give us your employee list, and we do the rest.

  • Accurate and Reliable

    You don’t collect the data – we do, so your employees are more likely to be frank and honest.

  • Affordable

    Only $2,000 per survey!

Each Employee CheckUp package includes:

  • Infosurv’s guide to your first employee engagement survey. We’ll provide a step-by-step process for maximizing response rates and ensuring the results make an impact.

  • Our tried-and-tested employee engagement questionnaire, which includes 47 questions across leadership, culture, work relationships, professional development, and more.

  • Email invitation management, including reminders and pre-communication templates

  • Up to 1,000 survey responses

  • A detailed PowerPoint presentation showing results for each survey question and overall engagement

  • Comparison of employee engagement by employee tenure, age, client-facing vs. non client-facing, and department

  • Action planning templates designed to help you get the most from your survey results

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