How Millennial Employees Can Help You Succeed

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millennial employee engagementWe wrote a blog last year on how to tap into your employees for success, however, this  post focuses on tapping into your millennial workforce. The word millennial has been a buzzword for quite some time, but generally has some type of negative connotation to it–they’re lazy, they can’t be managed, they’re selfish, but this generation of millennial employees do have something to offer (more than you may think).

3 ways to tap into your Millennial Employees for Success:

  1. Communication–No brainer right? Communication is important, but has your company really embraced new methods? Millennials are communicating more through social media, chatting, texts. Incorporating some of these channels of communication may improve your efficiency and also saves your inbox from unnecessary clutter.
  2. Feedback--Gone are the days of annual reviews. Millennials are about getting information in the now, and that goes for their performance. It’s not just about what you’re doing right or wrong, but giving frequent constructive feedback and also rewarding innovation. Frequent feedback encourages engagement, and high engagement levels leads to better employee retention. How do you engage millennial employees?
  3. Key Drivers–In order to know how to engage millennial employees, you’ll first have to find key drivers of satisfaction for this segment. Generally, millennial employees are more likely to value a work-life balance more than a high salary. For HR this can be a key insight on how to attract and retain millennials. However, it’s important to note that key drivers are not just generational, but have a variety of factors depending on organization, job title, etc.

For more information on Infosurv’s employee engagement model click here. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we uncover some of our employee benchmark data about millennials.

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Lenni Moore

Lenni Moore is the Director of Operations at Infosurv. She’s always been passionate about fostering strong professional relationships. It’s precisely these relationships that allow her to exceed her clients’ expectations because she knows exactly what they want and then leverages her experience to get it for them.