We Keep Growing and Growing…

Infosurv is proud to announce our most successful quarter ever!  Our growth rate is nothing short of spectacular, and we have you, our valued clients, to thank.  We look forward … Read More

Service, Support, and Satisfaction

Published September 2005 in Sbusiness magazine, pg. 36-40 Customer and Employee Surveys for S-Business Organizations When it comes to s-business, there is no metric more vital than customer satisfaction. Service and … Read More

Research Terms Explained

In this month’s Infosurv Infobit we’ll explain a few important research concepts by defining some commonly used terms in the market research industry. To learn more about how these various … Read More

5 Steps to Create Effective Online Surveys

Published November, 2004, in Marketing News magazine, pg. 23-24 In the global economy of the 21st century, your organization’s very survival can hinge on its ability to gather timely and accurate … Read More

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You [Part 1]

Published September 27, 2004, in CRM ViewPoints magazine Dissatisfied customers are silent company-killers. Dissatisfied customers are a slow, silent killer. They defect one by one, often without making a sound. What’s … Read More