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Like you, we’re thinking about your entire business and making connections between your projects. Can information from your employee survey help your company better deliver on its brand promise? Can your satisfaction measurement program correlate with your sales program? True insight may go beyond the bounds of a single department or an individual research project, and that’s what Infosurv delivers.

Let us show you how talking to your employees can help you better understand…

  • Your Employees: How engaged are your employees – and how can you increase employee engagement? What do your employees need to better serve your customers? Would your employees recommend you as an employer and/or recommend your products and services?
  • Your Customers: Employees provide insights on competitive threats that customers may be reluctant or unable to share. Employees understand what policies and procedures customers hate. Employees know which customers are vulnerable.
  • Your Future Customers: Is your brand being represented properly to acquire new customers? Are employees familiar with the brand positioning and target customer profile? Can your employees tell the difference between the tire-kickers and the purchasers?

Or we might help you to understand how talking to your customers can help you better understand…

  • Your Customers: How is your performance on key customer moments of truth? Are you meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations? Is your service delivery improving or declining?
  • Your Employees: What do your employees do that your customers like – and dislike? How would your customer describe your optimal employee? Do your employees have weaknesses you need to address?
  • Your Future Customers: How do your current customers differ from your prospects? Are there pieces of the pie that you are missing – and what can you do about it? Who are your highest potential target audiences?

And how talking to your your target market can help you better understand…

  • Your Future Customers: Would prospective customers be interested in your new product or service? What attributes are most likely to drive trial of your product or service? Are there unmet needs prospects are asking for that you can fill with new products or services?
  • Your Employees: What type of support and interactions do customers expect from your employees? Are employees properly trained to deliver on new and existing customer needs? Do internal systems, policies, and procedures support customer service delivery?
  • Your Customers: How satisfied are prospective customers with the competition’s product or service? How does this compare to your customer satisfaction levels? Do you have strengths that your competitors lack that can be exploited?

If you’d like to learn more about our unique research approach, please give us a call at 888.262.3186 or contact us.