Results-Oriented Marketing Research Expert JD Woods Returns to Infosurv Research

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JD WoodsInfosurv Research is delighted to announce that JD Woods has brought his more than 20 years’ experience back home to create exciting new opportunities for clients to use their marketing research results to drive business success. This month, JD rejoined Infosurv as Vice President and Director of Sales, proving that you can indeed “go home again!”

“JD is an exceptional sales manager and is going to help Infosurv in repositioning itself as “Your Research Department.” You don’t get guarantees when you hire people, but in this case, we almost have because of JD’s extensive industry experience as well as the fact that he has worked successfully with us in the past. I am very excited about how Infosurv will benefit from having JD back,” said Carl Fusco, Managing Director of Infosurv.

JD has worked with a wide range of marketing research firms but most recently stepped outside the marketing research industry to lead out-bound sales for a technology company. According to JD, “I needed to strengthen my outbound sales in my skill set, so that is why I went to a technology company that only does outbound, B2B sales. Now I can bring that skill set back to marketing research. I think that Infosurv is especially well positioned to benefit from outbound sales at this time. We have a strong inbound sales and account nurturing capability – we need an outbound sales capability to take us to the next level.”

JD sees the sales function as essential in helping Infosurv lock into being “the research department” for its clients. “Infosurv started out being clearly differentiated as an online research company. Over time, as other companies entered the field and DIY services started to proliferate, that positioning became less unique, to the point where online surveys are ubiquitous. We can’t be all things for all people – and we know our strengths. The sales strategy will help us find the right customers, where we can have a deeper relationship and really help those clients apply marketing and survey research to improve all aspects of their business and make the most of their research investment.”

JD is not a fan of the “sell-do model” used by so many marketing research firms. “The “sell-do model” basically creates a feast-or-famine situation. Infosurv will be better served by strong strategic selling using in-bound, out-bound and client nurturing, with wins handed off to strong, experienced project managers to complete high-quality marketing research projects and develop deep client relationships.”

JD predicts many advances for Infosurv Research in the next few years as the company evolves into its new position as “Your Research Department.” Establishing a new and potentially different client base and solidifying relationships with current clients will be the key to success.

From all of us at Infosurv Research: Welcome home, JD! We’re glad you’re back!

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Christian Wright

Christian Wright is the VP of Client Services at Infosurv. With a master’s in marketing research, he’s equipped to design actionable research that yields impactful insights and drives change.