Administer an Inexpensive Online Customer Survey to Guide Your Strategy

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One Inexpensive Online Customer Survey Can Give You A Wealth Of Information!

Since the proliferation of the Internet and broadband connectivity, online surveys have become the most popular survey methodology. Online customer surveys are inexpensive, flexible, reliable and efficient tools for obtaining information on which to build and improve customer service, marketing and other business initiatives.

In spite of all the DIY survey tools available, conducting online customer surveys is not for the faint of heart. Asking the wrong type of question, applying incorrect methodologies or utilizing faulty analytic techniques can skew your results and make them invalid or misleading, wasting your time and your money or worse, leading you to incorrect conclusions and to taking the wrong actions. That is why online customer surveys are best designed, administered and analyzed by professionals, such as Infosurv Research. At the end of the day, an inexpensive investment in survey expertise will help you avoid the risk of bad information and will yield a wealth of invaluable insights into your business!

The Online Customer Survey Process: Four Steps

At Infosurv Research, we have the expertise and experience to create online customer surveys that generate valid, reliable results that drive business improvements. All of our online customer surveys go through the following four steps:

  1. Understand – Our experienced researchers will begin the project with a discussion with you about the information you need, the actions you want to take with that information, and the business challenges you are seeking to solve. We have conducted thousands of online customer surveys, and we will help you optimize your research investment.
  2. Design – Once we understand your business and information needs, Infosurv Research will design a customized online customer survey for your organization. We can work with one of our proven survey templates, or create an entirely new survey “from scratch” to meet your needs. Our experienced marketing research consultants work with you to ensure that your online customer survey meets your strategic objectives while ensuring validity, reliability and bias reduction. If your organization already has a customer survey that you want to reuse, we can quickly adapt your existing survey for web distribution.
  3. Online Customer Survey Administration – Using our proprietary security methods, Infosurv Research administers your online survey to collect data from respondents. As with all our services, we tailor our processes to our clients’ unique requirements for security, deadlines, and incentives.
  4. Online Customer Survey Analysis – Our in-house data analysis staff and senior marketing research consultants are trained to turn your raw survey responses into meaningful and actionable conclusions. We offer a variety of online customer survey analysis packages for every budget.