Online Survey Analysis

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Online survey results data is useless without insightful analysis. Our in-house data analysis staff and senior marketing research consultants are trained to turn your raw survey responses into meaningful and actionable conclusions. We carry a range of survey analysis packages to match every need and budget.

Our standard computer-generated analysis reports are designed to provide a variety of statistical, graphical and verbatim results summaries. All of our reports can be “cut” by respondent subgroups or time periods.

For clients requiring a more robust analysis solution, we offer the professionally-designed, customized Infosurv Insights Report. This report includes a number of proprietary analysis features as outlined in our brochure.

Custom Analysis Solutions

In addition to the options outlined above, we offer a variety of custom analysis solutions including banner reports, custom Excel spreadsheet reports, significance testing, manual coding of qualitative responses, and other special requests.

For more detail regarding these and other unique survey design services and technical features that we offer, please request a free copy of our brochure.