Online Survey Research

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Maximize The Results Of Your Online Survey Research

Infosurv’s senior researchers, project managers, and highly trained technical and analytical staff, have spent years perfecting the art of online survey research. Based on our findings, we have put together a list of proactive approaches your company can take to maximize the results of your online survey:

Define the problem – The first step of any online survey research project is to identify the problem you wish to solve. Do you want to introduce a new product but want to gauge market interest? Is your company losing customers to the competition? Are people downgrading their services? Every step you take from here on forward should be based on solving your problem.

Define your objective – What are you goals? In defining your objective you must be specific and clear. Is it to find out why customers are leaving or downgrading? Is it to find out if there is a market for your new product or service? Is it to determine if there is a problem with pricing or customer service? From your target respondents to the wording of your questions, your objective will guide every aspect of your online survey research.

Focus your survey – Online survey research works best when companies focus on getting data that is crucial to the objective. Concentrate your questions on what is essential – leave out the rest. While companies can look at online survey research as a way to gather data on every business aspect, you’ll garner a much better response if you focus your efforts on what is most important. Every question developed for your online survey should reflect the desired goal.

We Are A Leader In Online Survey Research

If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Infosurv is here to help. We’ve assisted hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide with their online survey research needs. Let us do the same for you. Whether you need an online survey designed from scratch, or have an existing survey that needs to be administered, Infosurv takes extraordinary measures to ensure validity, reliability and bias reduction. Our goal is to help you compose a highly relevant survey instrument that will yield sound and valid conclusions while achieving the maximum survey response rate possible.

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