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The Spring 2011 Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report has arrived! We were pleased to be a co-sponsor of the Spring edition and look forward to tracking trends in the market research industry through 2012 and beyond. Our friend Leonard Murphy, Creator and Executive Editor of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report had this to say:

“After 8 years, GRIT is the leading and most comprehensive survey of our industry, and we believe that taking our own pulse has never been more important. We promised the industry colorful and comprehensive insights into how research buyers and providers are adapting to the current economy, to emerging technologies, and to the winds of change many feel are buffeting our profession and industry. I think the market research industry will find that we fulfilled our promise. Regardless of your role in the industry – client-side, supplier-side, academic – we think you’ll find the results of this groundbreaking study vitally important and intensely interesting!”

The full report can be accessed at

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Christian Wright

Christian Wright is the VP of Client Services at Infosurv. With a master’s in marketing research, he’s equipped to design actionable research that yields impactful insights and drives change.
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