White Paper: Guide to Valid Survey Results with Online Research

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Read This White Paper to:

  • Learn How to Double Survey Response Rates
  • Discover the Pros & Cons of Online vs. Traditional Surveys
  • Learn Ways to Cut Your Research Costs Up to a Third
  • Understand the Five Critical Steps for Online Surveys
  • Find Out Why 87% of Companies Conducting Online Research Outsource Their Survey
  • Protect Yourself From Internet Privacy and Security Concerns

Market Perception vs. Market Fact: The Case for Online Research

The simple fact is that when done correctly, the information generated by a survey can help boost market share, lower corporate risk, pave the way for a clear perception of markets and assist in the creation of effective marketing and advertising programs. Until recently, most surveys were paper-based or conducted by telemarketers. Although somewhat effective under most circumstances, marketers and HR professionals have discovered a much more powerful survey method—online research.

Many businesses even today continue to offer products and services based on what they perceive to be a market need. The problem is that with increased competition amplified by a globally connected marketplace, those who operate on a whim are taking an extreme risk. The mark must be hit the first time around. To achieve that milestone, businesses are searching for a deep understanding of existing and potential customer’s attitudes, preferences and opinions. And successful companies rely on survey results to gather that insight.

Surveys can tell an organization many things. What is the state of mind of their customers? What will it take to reach out and connect with a potential customer’s mindset? And what is the state of mind of their own employees? (Making uniformed assumptions about the internal forces within a company can be just as dangerous.)

Online Research Comes of Age

The impressive growth of the Internet represents a revolutionary opportunity for businesses to gather the knowledge they need in an affordable, quick and reliable way. With more than 69% of U.S. households having Internet access, online research represents a reliable and effective portal to tap into the consumer, employee and customer mindset.

This white paper will outline the operational case as to why online research makes sense and how it can be much more effective than surveys deployed through traditional methods. In the following pages, you will discover:

  • A comparison of online research vs. traditional methods, including variables such as reach, response and costs
  • Why online research builds better and more accurate response
  • Why outsourcing is a smart business model through which to deploy online research
  • How to maintain and improve quality control when deploying online research, including how to address privacy and security concerns…

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