White Paper: Reducing Risk with Market Research

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You Will Learn:

  • Four ways survey research reduces the risks your organization faces
  • How to gauge the value of survey research for your company
  • Six tips to ensure your research delivers results you can trust.
    Best practices for selecting a market research vendor
  • How Kraft Foods turned a potential disaster into a market-leading position by using research to stay connected to customers

Why survey research reduces the risk of strategic decisions in expanding international markets

Global survey research is currently estimated at $18.9 billion per year Why is this industry expanding so rapidly? Because companies realize that, as markets get larger, and as competition gets fiercer, the gamble of launching a new product or service grows exponentially. In today’s market, a product might cost 10 times as much to launch and have twice the competitors that it would have had five years ago.

The good news is that while the risk of strategic decisions has grown, the cost of performing survey research is going down—primarily due to the Internet and advances with online survey research. Survey research is the insurance policy for high-risk decisions; when you know what’s happening in your market, critical decisions take on a much higher success rate.

How survey research sheds new light on old (and potentially false) assumptions

There are many reasons why a company doesn’t think they need the benefits of market research. Two of the most common are…

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