White Paper: Secure More Successful Product Launches

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You Will Learn:

  • The ten fundamental questions you can answer with online concept testing
  • The four steps to every successful concept testing process
  • The pros/cons of the three main types of concept testsing
  • Seven concept testing best practices
  • How companies like Sony and GTECH launch successfully into new markets through sound concept testing strategies

Executive Summary

Online concept testing can protect the launch of new products, services, and ideas. It can provide a crystal ball for your marketplace, giving you a grasp of how you’ll be received, showing you whether your concept is headed for greatness or failure, and what hurdles you face along the way. But it can only do this if used properly. This paper will outline what online concept testing can do for you, the kinds of results you can expect, and the strategies, tips, and techniques for launching new products more effectively. In short, keep revenue up and risks down.

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