True insight often goes beyond an individual research project or even a single department, and that’s what Infosurv delivers: the crucial links between your research information and your business issues.

As you can see from spinning the Wheel of Insight, you have many possible informational combinations! Can information from your employee survey help your company better deliver on its brand promise? Can your customer satisfaction measurement program provide clues to improve the effectiveness of your sales program? Creating actionable insight requires creative combinations of data and information from multiple sources, all founded in a deep understanding of your business dynamics and goals.

Like you, we are always thinking about your entire business, designing research projects that lead to action. Spin the Wheel of Insight to see how we can help you bring the big picture to life.

Please note, it has come to our attention that a person or person(s) are using the Infosurv Research brand in attempt to defraud victims through a mystery shopping scam. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time. In this scam, potential victims receive a letter stating that they have been selected for a mystery shopping opportunity and are provided with a fraudulent check. The scammer asks victims to deposit the check, complete an assignment, and wire the balance to a specified recipient. As you might expect, the check eventually bounces, leaving the victim liable for the funds. If you have received such a letter, please know that Infosurv Research is in no way involved in this scam, and we are doing everything we can to put an end to it. You can do your part by filing a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).