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Mobile Data Collection

Reach Cell Phone Respondents via Mobile Surveys

The cell phone is rapidly overtaking other communication media as consumers’ source of contact, information and social interaction. In fact, Pew Research and other studies estimate that more than 40% of U.S. households use only cell phones, with no landline telephones at all. Obviously, this skews to much younger households, so depending on the respondents you need to reach in your marketing research project, mobile data collection may be the way to go.

Conducting marketing research on mobile phones requires not only different sampling techniques but also different survey software and question formatting. Simply designing the “same old” online survey and the sending it out via mobile will not work. The smaller screen, as well as the different settings where your respondents may choose to complete the survey will both have an impact on how your respondent experiences your survey.

If your target respondent is most reachable via mobile phone, the survey you send must be mobile optimized. That means it must be shorter in overall length, adaptable to smaller screens, have questions with fewer closed-ended response options, and have fewer or no open-ended questions. If respondents are reluctant to answer open-ended questions on online surveys using their computers, you could bet they will be even more reticent to answer them on their mobile phones.

Infosurv Research can help you design a mobile survey that will get a good response rate and produce accurate, high quality information. To learn more about our mobile data collection capabilities, contact us today.

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