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Custom Market Research

Customer & Market Profile Research

Profile Customers and Markets for Competitive Advantage

Do you know which customers and markets are your best ones? Do you know how your customers and markets differ from one another?

Successful businesses understand their customers and markets. Managers and marketers who utilize market research to develop customer and market profiles based upon different market segments have a competitive advantage because they are able to strategically target different groups with specific opportunities and offers based upon their needs. Having knowledge of your customer’s and market’s demographic and psychographic characteristics, as well as their attitudes and buying behavior, enables companies to better communicate with the people who matter most to their businesses.

Customer and Market Profile research from Infosurv Research defines the type of customer or market most likely to purchase your products and/or services and tells you who to target with communications and for marketing and product development purposes.

Developing and using customer and market profiles to hone your efforts has several benefits:

  • Identify your most and least profitable customer segments and markets
  • Identify new products to meet unmet needs and evaluate their potential
  • Avoid unprofitable markets
  • Focus product development and marketing on areas most likely to purchase
  • Increase loyalty among existing customers
  • Minimize costs and allocate resources more wisely

Infosurv Research uses several methods to profile customers and markets. Contact us to discuss which method is right for you.

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