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Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys from Infosurv can help your organization:

  • Obtain valuable feedback from hard-to-reach groups
  • Make intelligent business decisions
  • Acquire complete and reliable data

Telephone Research Surveys – An Important Methodology

Savvy researchers understand telephone surveys still play an important role in market research, despite the growing popularity of online surveys.

Telephone research surveys can be the ideal methodology for organizations that need to gather detailed data from hard-to-reach B2B, B2C, or customer groups. Through telephone surveys, your organization can:

  • Sample at a local market level
  • Reach specialized B2B contacts
  • Connect with hard-to-reach customers
  • Control the sequence in which survey questions are asked.
  • Use probing techniques to obtain in-depth answers to open-ended questions.
  • Ensure that all questions are answered.
  • Gather data on more sensitive topics by alleviating some of the discomfort and reluctance respondents might present during a face-to-face interview.
  • Clarify and substantiate unclear responses.
  • Ask follow-up questions.

Design, Administration and Analysis of Telephone Surveys

At Infosurv, our goal is to equip your organization with bias-free telephone research that generates valid data and high response rates. All of our telephone surveys include the following steps:

Design – Infosurv’s experienced researchers will work with you to design customized telephone surveys based on your specific objectives. We can work within our proven telephone survey templates, or can create entirely new telephone surveys “from scratch.”

Administration – Using our proprietary methods, Infosurv takes your telephone surveys and administers them to your desired recipients. The interviewers adhere to best practices, ensuring data collection that’s free from bias while heeding to our clients’ unique requirements for security level, deadlines, incentives, etc. Throughout the administration phase, your data is made available online through Infosurv’s Real-Time Report Menu.

Analysis – The raw data garnered from your telephone surveys is thoroughly analyzed and converted into actionable conclusions. We offer a variety of analysis packages for every budget.

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