Infosurv Foundation

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We believe that successful business organizations have an obligation to support their community, which is why we started the Infosurv Foundation.

We have been giving a portion of our profits to local non-profit organizations since we were founded in 1998, but in 2015 one in particular struck our hearts.

As we learned more about The Children’s Restoration Network and the staggering reality of Atlanta’s homeless children population, we decided to partner with and support them as they serve up to 3,000 children each day!

The Children’s Restoration Network is a non-profit agency that has served homeless children and mothers in Atlanta for more than 23 years. Through various programs CRN helps children receive basic necessities from food and school supplies to adult guidance and scholarships.

CRN also realizes that assisting mothers is the best way to help a child. Programs are therefore directed to support both children and their mothers to ease their transition through homelessness.

Infosurv not only donates a portion of our profits, but also our time. Whether it’s helping clear an overgrown playground, collect food at Thanksgiving, wrap gifts at Christmas time, or participate in their annual fund-raising golf tournament, we love to help any way we can.

By doing business with Infosurv, you are helping us continue to support those truly making a difference in the lives of Atlanta’s children in need.