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Our customer surveys, employee surveys and market research tools generate results!

Infosurv has years of experience solving our clients’ research objectives. Read some case studies and learn more about how Infosurv’s customer surveysemployee surveys and other types of research tools have helped our clients achieve their information goals.

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Featured Clients

The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) is a membership organization devoted to multi-specialty group practices and clinics. One of the primary benefits of AMGA membership is access to the results of the organization’s provider satisfaction survey that the AMGA conducts 5 times a year. These surveys deliver to members a valuable baseline to compare the satisfaction levels of their own physicians against national averages and trends.But there was a problem in how these surveys were deployed. “Our original survey method was strictly paper-based,” said Mark Miller, Program Manager for the American Medical Group Association. “This put the responsibility to administer, distribute and track the surveys on our members. With some practices having 500-600 physicians within their group, the volume of paperwork involved was simply too much.”

Infosurv was brought in to help the AMGA develop a new survey process to alleviate the burden on their membership…

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GTECH delivers lottery technology and services to government agencies around the world, including the Georgia Lottery. For years, they used traditional focus groups and large-group audience testing to determine player preferences in areas such as prize attractiveness, ease-of-understanding, and overall visual concept appeal. GTECH knew the benefits of online research, but they were hesitant to employ the approach until they found a vendor that really understood their needs and could deliver precision surveys reliably and securely online. They selected Infosurv.

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