Employee Engagement Surveys

In the last several years, much focus has been placed on “trying to do more with less.” However, the difficulty is that many companies struggle with focusing on their strongest asset and largest expense—their workforce.

  • ”Disengaged employees” cost U.S. employers up to $350 billion annually. (Schweyer 2009)
  •  46% of organizations have seen a decline in employee engagement since 2009 (Hewitt Associates 2010)
  • Companies with an engaged workforce posted shareholder returns 19 times higher than the total stock market index in 2009. (Hewitt Associates 2010)
  • 84% of employees are planning on searching for a new job in 2012 (Manpower 2011)

At the end of the day, people are the ones who get the job done. Every good coach knows his or her job is to put their team in a position where they have an opportunity to “win.” Unfortunately, many companies do not understand how to do just that.

Employee Engagement Uncovers Your Champions

Employee engagement studies create the opportunity to build a champion team of motivated employees.

  • Employee engagement drives customer loyalty which creates business profitability. (Northwestern University Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement)
  • Understanding and managing employee engagement can help you make more with less, and do a better job in the process.
  • Employee engagement aligns the goals and concerns of your employee base with those of your organization, leveraging discretionary time and transforming “just a job” into an important part of the individual’s personal identity.

A Wiser Investment

Over time, employers like you spend billions on employee retention programs, compensation and benefits solutions, and hiring strategies meant to create a more productive workforce.  To measure the impact, many companies invest in customer satisfaction or loyalty measurement efforts. However, to create loyal and satisfied customers, you must have the right employees with the right resources in the right position to “win.” Measuring only the customer relationship component won’t get you there.

Infosurv’s Employee Engagement Survey approach offers a tool that evaluates the factors that are controlled by the organization and affect your employees’ ability to meet your customers’ needs. It also identifies real ways you can adapt your business in order to more deeply engage your workforce.  At its most effective, employee engagement surveys can be run in parallel with customer satisfaction surveys to drive a direct link between engagement and business results, providing a tangible benefit that can have dramatic impacts on a company’s bottom line.

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