Measuring & Improving Employee Engagement

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As an HR professional, you are well aware of the high cost of employee turnover. A bad hire or a disengaged employee can often cost the company the equivalent of an annual salary once recruiting, onboarding, training, and poor productivity are tallied. While mis-hires can be mitigated by adopting an effective hiring method, disengaged employees present a huge opportunity for employers to reduce churn and get more out of their teams in the process.

To affect employee engagement, you must start by understanding two key variables: 1) What is the existing level of engagement among your teams? (How big is the problem?), and 2) What is driving engagement? These steps are critical to building prioritized action plans and measuring impact. However, this is only the beginning!

A successful engagement campaign must go beyond measurement. Infosurv’s years of experience in this area have helped us to distill the process into a simple, four-step process designed to shift opinion and motivate your employees. We call it the Strategic Success Platform.

The Strategic Success Platform is a proven method for improving employee engagement, but demands commitment and proper execution. In fact, our research shows that a half-hearted or poorly executed effort can ultimately decrease employee engagement from baseline levels.

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