Fun Stats About the Fourth!

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Celebrate HolidayWhen you think of holidays that Marketers love, the Fourth of July may not pop to mind like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. However, Independence Day ranks right up there as people eat, drink, and celebrate the good old US of A. Here are some captivating statistics you can drop into the conversation at your July Fourth celebration:

Random Facts About Independence Day

  • Number of people living in the United States when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence: 2.5 million
  • Number of Declaration of Independence signers: 56
  • Number of places (cities, towns, ) in the US with “Independence” in their names: 11
  • Benjamin Franklin, representing Pennsylvania, was the oldest of the signers at age 70. Edward Rutledge, of South Carolina, was the youngest at age 26.
  • Two future presidents signed: John Adams (second president) and Thomas Jefferson (third president).

What Do We Do on the Fourth?

  • Attend a fireworks display: 63%
  • Set off our own fireworks: 26%
  • Display the U.S. flag: 66%
  • Get together with family: 76%
  • Watch a Fourth of July parade: 32%
  • Travel more than 50 miles from home: 44 million

Eat Drink and Be Merry

  • Attend a picnic, barbecue, or cookout: 80%
  • Families who own a grill: 80%
  • The Fourth of July is the Number One beer-selling holiday of the year
  • Amount spend on beer and wine for the Fourth: $1.5 billion
  • Number of hot dogs consumed on July Fourth: 150 million
  • Amount of chicken purchased in the week leading up to July Fourth: 700 million pounds
  • Amount of red meat/pork purchased in the week leading up to July Fourth: 190 million pounds
  • Number of people in the U.S. who rate mustard their #1 condiment: 71%
  • Amount spent on popsicles each Fourth of July: $107 million
  • Amount spend on watermelon for the Fourth: $167 million
  • Amount of ice cream purchased for Fourth of July celebrations: 500 million gallons

And Speaking of Flags and Fireworks, did you know ….

  • The estimated cost for a public fireworks display: $5K to $30K
  • The largest Independence Day fireworks display: Macy’s, with 50,000 shells deployed at the rate of 1,600 shells per minute during the 25-minute display
  • Estimated amount spent on DIY fireworks displays: $100
  • Consumers who already own a U.S. flag: 65%
  • Consumers who owned patriotic-themed apparels: 53%
  • Consumers who own patriotic decorations: 40%
  • Annual value of U.S. flags imported from China: $5 million
  • Number of Fourth of July fireworks displays: 14,000
  • Value of U.S. manufacturer’s shipments of fireworks: $231.8 million
  • Annual value of fireworks imported from China: $247.1 million

The Dark Side of the Fourth

  • Annual number of injuries caused by fireworks: 11,400
  • Fireworks-related ER visits on the Fourth:690
  • Body parts injured most often by fireworks: hands/fingers (36%), eyes (19%), trunks (11%), legs (10%), arms (5%)
  • More than 50% of fireworks injuries are burns
  • Sparklers can reach temperatures of more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and are the leading cause of fireworks-related injuries.
  • Increase in lost pets due to noisy fireworks on the Fourth: 30% to 60%

And with that, let Infosurv wish you and yours a happy and SAFE Independence Day!

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