Just Released: Spring 2012 GreenBook Industry Trends Report

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Greenbook Research Industry Trends ReportThe 11th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report is here! Still the leading and most comprehensive survey of the global market research industry, the newly retooled initiative reveals exclusive research insight and projections for the 2012 and beyond.

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For the second consecutive year, GRIT respondents were invited to participate in an Infosurv-sponsored prediction market designed to predict which new technologies and/or methodologies would experience the most adoption over the next 12 months. A full summary of our predictions is included in the report, along with:

  • What Clients Want from MR Suppliers
  • MR Industry Buzz
  • Emerging Research Techniques
  • Most Innovative Research Firms
  • Industry Threats vs. Opportunities
  • Future Implications for Change

New this year, all GRIT data will be available in an interactive online dashboard, including additional insights that didn’t make into the report. You’ll find it at www.grit2012dashboard.com.

The full report can be accessed at https://www.greenbookblog.org/GRIT-Spring-2012/.

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Kyle Burnam

Kyle Burnam is the CEO of Infosurv and the leader of its sister company, Intengo, where he oversees all client research and R&D projects. Having been in the industry since 2005, Kyle brings a wealth of experience to the table and an innovative eye to every project.
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