Supporting Internal Service Quality with the Service Profit Chain: 9 Critical Dimensions

As we have written in previous blogs, the Service Profit Chain first hypothesized in 1994 by Heskett, Jones, Loveman, Sasser and Schlesinger in the Harvard Business Review has become a mainstay of well-managed, successful companies. One of the fundamental conditions of the Service Profit Chain is a focus on Internal Service Quality.What is Internal Service […]

What About Engaging Managers?

If you do a Google search for employee engagement, you will be inundated with information sources. And with good reason! It is widely quoted that less than one-third of American workers are engaged in their jobs. And – also widely known – employee engagement is desirable because engaged employees directly and positively impact customer satisfaction […]

Does Employee Engagement Apply to Healthcare?

You can read a lot about Employee Engagement, and the impact it has on customers and business success. Often, those articles talk more about companies that deliver services or products with a significant service component (both business-to-consumer and business-to-business). But healthcare is different. Is Employee Engagement important to Customer Satisfaction and business performance in healthcare? […]