Employee Customer Linkages: A Tool for Convincing Your Boss In Two Minutes or Less

The service profit chain describes how employee engagement and customer satisfaction are linked together to improve your business performance. We’ve been writing about that in our blogs for a while.  Check out these links:  The New Focus on the Service Profit Chain Linking Customers, Employees, and Profit: Implementing Employee Engagement Want to Make More Money? […]

The New Focus on the Service Profit Chain

In the Infosurv Insider blog about a year ago, we wrote about the Service Profit Chain and how you can benefit: “The new economics of service requires innovative measurement techniques. These techniques calibrate the impact of employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity on the value of products and services delivered so that managers can build customer […]

12 Tips for Improving Corporate Culture

Corporate culture and employee engagement go hand-in-hand, paving the path to profitability. The positive effects of a great corporate culture and the corresponding employee engagement can be measured in increasing productivity, reducing attrition, and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, there may be other benefits that are harder to quantify: better communication, more efficient operations, and increased […]

If Polls Can’t Predict a Presidential Election, Why Should I Trust Marketing Research?

Without a doubt, polls did a spectacularly poor job of predicting Trump’s success in the Electoral College. And the unreliability of polls is not new. As 538’s Nate Silver said, “As Americans’ modes of communication change, the techniques that produce the most accurate polls seems to be changing as well. In last Tuesday’s presidential election, […]