KISS: Key Questions for Customer Satisfaction

Just as Turner Classic Movies’ program “The Essentials” focuses on iconic films over time, there are also essential questions for measuring customer satisfaction. But we call our essentials KISS: Keep It Short and Simple. There are two key reasons researchers are minimizing the number of questions included in a survey. First, respondents hate long surveys, […]

Statistics Show Employee Engagement Drives Business Results

At Infosurv Research, we are committed to improving our client’s businesses by measuring and improving their employees’ engagement levels. In our research, we have demonstrated a strong, positive connection between employee engagement and key business metrics. It’s not mumbo-jumbo. It’s real: engaged employees lead to positive business results. Kevin Kruse writes on employee engagement for […]

Cell Phones in Telephone Surveys: The New Imperative

While the introduction of the online survey met with breath-taking predictions about the demise of telephone surveys, time has shown those predictions to be false. There are still times when a phone survey is the best methodology. Whenever you have a population that is relatively low-incidence, in a small geographic are, not computer savvy, or […]

The Demographics of Employee Engagement

Companies – especially very large companies – tend to think of their employees as monolithic. However much lip service we pay to treating each individual as an individual, by necessity our policies treat everyone as the same. And while that may be necessary, when it comes to employee engagement, there are very distinct demographic or […]

Passive Leadership Encourages Workplace Negativity

Let’s admit it, we’ve all forgotten our manners. We are on our phones while others are speaking, we don’t RSVP to invitations, and we don’t acknowledge other people’s presence!  And when this happens in the workplace, it’s a huge problem. Rude or discourteous behaviors in the workplace is a growing organizational problem that leads to […]

The Real Impact of Disengaged Employees

Much has been written about the impact of disengaged employees on your bottom line: lower productivity, lower customer satisfaction, and higher turnover all cause real, measurable losses in profitability. A 2013 Gallup Poll for American Express found that 70% of American workers are disengaged, and an ADP study estimated the real cost of employee disengaged […]