The “New” Competitive Advantage You MUST Have

The industrial revolution had a far-reaching and long-term impact on our economy. It turned us from an agrarian society to a product-oriented society. The focus of business was to make products, more efficiently and effectively. We are still dealing with that mindset, as most corporate executives advanced through the ranks of finance or operations, and […]

Five Tips for Making the Most of Cross-Functional Teams

The benefits of tearing down silos and getting your people to work cross-functionally to solve problems are well established. Better ideas, more creativity and innovation, better implementations, more employee buy-in to the solutions, and overall increased engagement. Open conversations between different departments produce more realistic expectations and highlight obstacles in the planning process, leading to […]

Four Steps to Developing a Killer Marketing Plan

In our last blog, we discussed the need to and benefits of understanding your business ecosystem. By looking at all the various parties and partners that impact your business, you develop the appropriate mindset for business planning. You also develop a strong foundation for marketing planning. According to Entrepreneur, “a marketing plan focuses on winning […]

Maintaining Strategic Focus for the Long Term

In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of developing and maintaining an internal Vision for your company (Infosurv Insider). But for many companies, the real challenge is in the maintenance aspect. Especially in large companies, how do you keep everyone singing from the same song sheet? Daily fire-fights, being project-focused, competing with other divisions […]

Leading with Intention: Boosterthon

About 15 years ago, Chris and Lyndie Carneal, noticed that most schools are under-funded, and decided to find a better way to raise funds for schools. Chris and Lyndie founded Boosterthon, a turn-key fundraising company for elementary schools with the corporate mission “We Strengthen Schools.” Boosterthon is a high-energy, character-based fun-run program that kids love and […]

Servant Leaders Give the Gift of Time

Would you like more time? Of course, you would. Peter Drucker wrote in The Effective Executive, “Of the other major resources, money is actually quite plentiful. People one can hire, though one can rarely hire enough good people. But one cannot rent, hire, buy, or otherwise obtain more time.” Drucker wrote that in 1967, and […]

Becoming a Servant Leader: 10 Key Characteristics

Can anyone become a servant leader? The short answer is “Yes.” One of the tenets of servant leadership is that anyone can become a servant leader and that servant leadership can be learned and coached. According to Larry C. Spears, former president of the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, in his book, Practicing […]