Symbiosis: Building Healthy Employee Relationships

In nature, animals form life-long relationships with other animals to exist. These are called symbiotic relationships and they come in three varieties: mutually beneficial (called mutualism), relationships where one organism benefits and the other is harmed (called parasitism) and relationships where one organism benefits and the other neither benefits nor is harmed (call commensalism). What […]

CEOs Never Stop Growing Up!

The business world watched in fascination over the last several months as Uber devolved into a lawsuit-wracked, PR nightmare. This culminated recently with its CEO (or should we say CEBro?) taking a leave of absence (to “grow up”) and ultimately being forced to resign by several major investors. The tech world seems to be full […]

Investing in Greatness: HR Communications

The employee engagement and customer satisfaction literature loves to simplify the topic by giving the impression that creating engagement and loyalty are easy. Just stop doing what your customers don’t like, and make your employees feel trusted and empowered and the profits simply flow into your bank accounts. However, Greg Apirian argues otherwise in his […]

Forget Boomers, Forget Millennials: Treat Employees as Individuals

It is seductively simple to create categories that summarize characteristics of groups of people. We do this in politics, in marketing, and socially. “Millennials like this.” “Boomers like that.” “Republicans support this.” “People who buy this product do that.” Generalizations help us make sense of the world around us and make life easier. In marketing, […]

Fight Your Blind Spots with Feedback!

What’s a blind spot? Technically, the blind spot is where the optic nerve leaves the retina to send signals to your brain. Because there are no sensors for visual information at that point, it is physically your blind spot. There’s also the blind spot in your car. As the driver, there is a zone outside […]

Improve Meetings and Stop Wasting Time

Managers and executives often have the sneaking suspicion that they do not spend their time effectively. Instead of focusing on the large, strategic initiatives designed to drive the business forward, they spend their time on smaller, tactical, and even insignificant tasks. Michael Mankins, in the Harvard Business Review, reports on research undertaken by The Economist […]

How Implementing the Service Profit Chain Benefits YOU!

In the Infosurv Insider Blog, we have been writing about the Service Profit Chain, a model of management that integrates employee engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and business operations to increase profitability. Now, we all know that profitability is a good thing and something all businesses need to achieve. It follows then that if, as […]