Online Research Surpasses Phone Surveys

Atlanta, GA February 27, 2007 — Telephone research used to be the accepted method to deploy a survey, says Jared Heyman, founder and president of Infosurv. Now telephone survey usage … Read More

Interview with Web Analytics World

Infosurv Founder, Jared Heyman, recently sat down with Manoj Jasra of Web Analytics World to discuss the growing demand for online research. You can read the full transcript from that … Read More

The Infosurv Foundation

At Infosurv, we believe that successful business organizations have an obligation to support their community. We therefore founded the Infosurv Foundation over a year ago with a charter to provide … Read More

Exciting Times

This has been an exciting year in the online survey world. Our industry and our company have been growing by leaps and bounds, driven by increased demand in the marketplace … Read More

Meet the Founder

Jared Heyman has led Infosurv since its founding in 1998, and has overseen survey projects for clients in a wide variety of industries and geographic regions.  By combining Infosurv’s technically … Read More